Here you will find lots of recipe ideas to do and redo! Exoticism, Flavor and especially Nutrition are there. To get the ingredients, just visit our online store. Enjoy!

Herbal beauty tea
The skin is the external reflection of what is happening inside. Investing in quality beauty products is good, but it's not enough. To have a beautiful skin, you must nourish it and hydrate yourself every day ....
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Homemade probiotic drink
You recently heard about kefir and its gut health benefits. You wonder if there is a mystery ingredient... The answer is YES! They are called probiotics. Let me give you more details! Probiotics are live microo...
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Vegan pesto
I don't know about you, but me I like to add my personal touch to recipes, failing to find the ones that stand out. Today, I decided to share something different with you(ok, I admit that I always share unusual...
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Detox drink
For those who don't know  kinkeliba , it's an African plant that has diuretic, depurative and digestive properties. In other words, it is the must have for a detox cure and for fasting. Today I want to sh...
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Fortifying milk
This tropically colored drink with tangy notes reminds me of my early childhood. If you haven't tasted it yet, you're missing out! Let's talk a bit about the flagship ingredient: the baobab fruit! By its compos...
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Energizing drink
Looking for healthier alternatives to commercial drinks? Need more energy? Or just want to discover flavors from elsewhere? Whatever your motivation, let me start by listing the benefits of the ingredients that...
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