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The best drinks with no added sugar

Recipes / Published on 07 / 03 / 2024

Are you looking for a tip to drink more water ? Do you want to replace soda in your diet ? We have a two-in-one solution for you with FLAVORED HERBAL TEAS !
It might be the first time you hear about(read) this denomination, but it's not completely a new concept... Do you know flavored(fruity) water ? Well, it's exactly the same principle with herbal teas in addition.
You should make them at home right now because :

  1. They are drinks made with real ingredients(water, plants, herbs, fruits, vegetables, spices)
  2. They are caffeine-free drinks
  3. You will no longer find that water is bland
  4. You will reduce your sugar intake without much effort.

When it comes to preparation, it couldn't be easier. Make a cold infusion for 24 hours ideally if not overnight at least. For the ratios, it's one teaspoon of herbal tea per cup of water ; for the other ingredients, it's up to you. Obviously, the more fruit you put in, the sweeter your flavored herbal tea will be.
Depending on what you need for the day, here are our suggestions :

#1 The morning boost

   moringa                orange                   ginger 

moringa loose leaves , Montreal, Canada+ +

#2 The appetite suppressant

      white hibiscus         peaches                chia seeds                 cucumber

white hibiscus , Montreal, Canada+ + +

#3 The digestive

      kinkeliba              pineapple                       lime 

kenkeliba leaves , Montreal, Canada++

#4 Infinite Happiness

    Red hibiscus                 Mint                           Pomegranate

red hibiscus leaves , Montreal, Canada+ +

To get the herbal teas, click here. 
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