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5 principles for a successful life
First of all, what does it mean to be "successful in life"? For some it just means being in a senior position with a lot of power while for others it means being a happy family.Although there is no universal de...
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How to boost your immune system in winter
Do you get sick more often in winter? It's completely normal! The cold weakens the immune system. To stop having a runny nose, sore throat or other winter ailments, today I am going to share with you  7 va...
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This is why you're missing out on your life
Sometimes the stimulus comes from ourselves; sometimes it's a person or a situation that makes us realize how precious life is. Knowing that we have a limited time on this earth, we should savor every moment be...
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Herbal beauty tea
The skin is the external reflection of what is happening inside. Investing in quality beauty products is good, but it's not enough. To have a beautiful skin, you must nourish it and hydrate yourself every day ....
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Herbal teas, a must have
To adopt a healthy lifestyle and to treat the body gently, herbal teas are great allies. They are: natural, versatile and therapeutic . Each plant has its own properties that are beneficial to the body. If you ...
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9 lessons to learn from older people's biggest regrets
As the saying goes, “forewarned is forearmed.” Today, I'm going to review the biggest regrets of our seniors so you can rethink your reality.Why wait until you are old to do an introspection of your life? Why s...
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How to cheer up quickly
Professional difficulties, disappointments in love, failures, loneliness, overwork, pessimism, a move, bad news, hormonal imbalance, and even bad weather can be the causes the blues. It's completely normal to f...
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Options to replace coffee
You're a coffee addict, right? If you want to reduce or stop your consumption because of heartburn, sleep disorders, heart problems, high blood pressure, acid reflux, feelings of dependence or because you do no...
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How to increase your chances of getting pregnant
Have you been trying to conceive for a while without success? I understand that there is reason to be desperate, but you have to take certain steps to enlighten you a little more. If it is not done yet, ladies ...
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