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The right reflexes in the event of a heatwave
Headaches, dizziness, nausea, weakness, exhaustion, rash, muscle cramps, rapid breathing, profuse sweating: these are some of the symptoms that can be felt during intense heat waves. Unfortunately, heat can kil...
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Replace white sugar
Everyone now knows that white sugar is of no nutritional value. But why do we still find it everywhere? Well because it's a cheap ingredient that can enhance the flavors, color and extend the shelf life of proc...
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Managing stress better
Let's be clear from the start, stress is inevitable during a lifetime... It's a normal reaction (yes I said normal ) of our body in the face of an aggressive situation. There are several types of stress: physic...
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Lose weight without a yoyo effect
You start to get depressed as soon as you look at you in the mirror; you want to regain your old figure; for your health, the doctors told you to lose weight but you can't? Today I'm going to get you to think a...
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3 solutions for more sexual pleasure
Despite our exhausting lifestyle, we must neither forget to have pleasure nor share it with your significant other(s) (for the non-traditional ones) . There are many reasons why couples separate: absence, infid...
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Close up on the most nutritious plant
Cultivated in tropical areas, moringa or the tree of life is an excellent source of vegetable proteins and micronutrients. It contains the essential amino acids vital for the proper functioning of the body. ...
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Naturopathy in brief
What is that? It is a gentle approach that focuses on the human as a whole (not only to his symptoms) and gives the body the means to self-regenerate. To do this, one or more therapies are combined: phytotherap...
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Spray to make your hair grow
Whether your hair is dry or brittle. I have the solution for you! I share with you a treatment for daily application to deeply moisturize your hair, accelerate its growth and also make it more supple. And you k...
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Magic incense
Do you burn incense to meditate? For your rituals? Or is it something you want to incorporate into your routine? If you answered yes to any of these 3 questions, stick with me! Today, I'm going to take you on a...
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