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6 tips to fall asleep faster and sleep better

Remedies / Published on 16 / 03 / 2024

If you can't sleep at night, you should at some point rethink the way you live... For now, we are going to share with you a bedtime routine to de-stress.

#1 Take a hot bath

To relieve stress after a long or a though day.
To make your experience even more relaxing, add Epsom salt, shea butter, red hibiscus flowers and lavender flowers to your bath.

#2 Stretch

To reduce muscle tension and stiffness.
To enhance this moment, put on your quietest playlist.

#3 Drink herbal teas, not tea 

tisane médicinale africaine, Montreal, Canada

To relax, to digest better or according to your needs at the moment.
For anxiety or depression, we recommend vetiver roots.

#4 Practice journaling

To clear your head and let go of your emotions before going to bed.

#5 Create a sleep conducive environment 

To fall in the arms of Morpheus more quickly, create your ideal set up: essential oil diffuser, soft music, soft lights, etc.

#6 Read

To allow your brain to disconnect from reality and to let yourself go to sleep little by little(your eyes will tend to close by themselves)