White hibiscus flowers

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White hibiscus flowers

Sku: 333326
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White hibiscus flowers are one of the rarest varieties of hibiscus. With an exquisite and more sour taste than the red ones, their characteristics and uses remain the same. However, they are richer in vitamin C(vitamin which participates in the formation of white blood cells, i.e. the soldiers who defend us against viruses and bacteria).
Thanks to their high mucilage content, it's the ideal remedy to calm inflammation of the digestive mucous membranes(stomach and intestine).
Beauty info : in cosmetics, hibiscus flowers are used to make face care, hair treatments and skin treatments because of their nutritious and moisturizing active ingredients.

Scientific name : hibiscus sabdariffa
Common names : white sorrel, flor de jamaica, dah, bissap, folere, karkadeh, sobolo, zobo, dableni, orhul
Botanical family : Malvaceae

Composition* : vitamin C, potassium, magnesium, zinc, betaine, beta-carotene

Properties* : laxative, hepatoprotective, antioxidant, toning 

Use : infusion

Indications* : infections, high blood sugar, high cholesterol, poor blood circulation

*non-exhaustive lists


Weight : 145g

Origin : Mali

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