Red hibiscus flowers

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Red hibiscus flowers

Sku: 332801
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The juice made from these flowers needs no introduction! All African, Caribbean, Latin families love it and have adopted it as an emblematic drink for the memorable taste it leaves in the mouth, fruity and tangy at the same time. For therapeutic purposes, it is rather the herbal tea that is consumed. It is prized for its benefits on cardiovascular health, particularly in the regulation of blood pressure.

Scientific name : hibiscus sabdariffa
Common names : sorrel, bissap, dah, folere, karkadeh, sobolo, zobo, flor de jamaica, dableni, orhul
Botanical family : Malvaceae

Composition* : vitamin C, B2, B3, calcium, iron, anthocyanins, alkaloids   

Properties* : diuretic, antiseptic, laxative, emmenagogue, cardioprotective 

Use : infusion

Indications* : high blood pressure, urinary tract infections, missed periods, control weight

*non-exhaustive lists


Weight : 195g

Origin : Mali

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