Kenkeliba leaves

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Kenkeliba leaves

Sku: 332805
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Kenkeliba is mainly found in the countries of the Sahel. Internally, the herbal tea is consumed to relieve a multitude of ailments. That's why it has been nicknamed "the herbal tea of long life". Its greatest particularity is that it helps to purify the liver which is one of the main eliminatory organs of the body.
This herbal tea can replace coffee or tea with its slightly woody taste.
African custom : during Ramadan, it is consumed to break the fast.

Scientific name : combretum micranthum
Common names : kinkeliba, sekhew
Botanical family : Combretaceae

Composition* : iron, vitamin C, betaine, tannins, flavonoids, potassium nitrate, sorbitol, inositol

Properties* : digestive, detoxifying, cholagogue, hepatoprotective

Use : infusion

Indications* : gallstones, liver disease, diarrhea, fever, malaria

*non-exhaustive lists


Weight : 130 g

Origin : Mali

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