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Lose weight without a yoyo effect

Educational capsules / Published on 17 / 03 / 2022

You start to get depressed as soon as you look at you in the mirror; you want to regain your old figure; for your health, the doctors told you to lose weight but you can't? Today I'm going to get you to think about the essential points that prevent you from reaching your healthy weight (I insist on this point because your "ideal weight" is not necessarily the one that will save you from increased risks of diseases ...). Take a sheet of paper because you will answer some questions. One last thing : be honest with yourself!

Do you control your portions?

If you love everything that is aperitif and buffet, you will have to limit that. Even popcorn in front of the TV....I know you don't like what I'm telling you now but the logic behind it is very easy to understand. When we have an abundance of mouthwatering food in front of us, our eyes, our nose and our mouth make us forget that we basically feed ourselves because it's a vital need. Faced with this temptation, it's difficult to resist moreover, we want our money's worth. So, what happens? We take great delight in eating!
When we eat "to have a good time" at the cinema or elsewhere, it's more a question of habit than of hunger as such. In short, we unnecessarily overload(popcorn(complex sugar) + caramel(simple sugar) + salted butter(fat + salt)) our body which has not asked for anything(no hunger signals). Him, he's like most people, he can't say no so he stores the surplus! In addition to his great kindness, he is lucky because he has great storage capacities!

Do you eat your emotions?

You and I know for a fact that it doesn't change the situation so make your best effort or get help to get out of your sadness, to manage your stress, to calm your nerves, to release your frustrations, to find your inner peace, " to enjoy life" with something other than food. According to the definition of the Cambridge dictionary, food is «something that people and animals eat, or plants absorb to keep them alive». We agree that it is therefore neither an escape nor a reward according to the definition.

Are you eating well?

That's a tough question, isn't it? And it's completely normal! There are a lot of opinions on the internet and moreover they are divergent... In the end you are confused and you don't know what to do. For that, I suggest that you have your plate evaluated by a qualified person. Once the evaluation is done, you will know what to do concretely to improve your nutritional status according to your sex, your age, your level of physical activity, your type of metabolism, your lifestyle and many other parameters. In the meantime, you can start avoiding all junk food. I'm not going to dwell on the subject because I know that you already know why. Make informed choices even when you're overwhelmed, exhausted or don't feel like cooking. When you are looking for something fast, at least go for real fast food, that is to say quality food that is lovingly prepared by restaurant owners, every day, very early in the morning. 

Do you have a sweet tooth?

If you are addicted to sweets, candies, desserts, sodas, juices and such, let me tell you one thing: sugar is your enemy! Do as in real life: avoid them or make them your allies(consume it with MODERATION)!

What are you drinking?

Make a list of everything you drink during the day. If you don't mostly drink water, make sure you do! I am sounding the alarm bell because I would like you to realize that you are stuffing yourself with superfluous calories. And I know you know where I'm coming from! I'm talking about your favorite coffee made with milk, sugar, whipped cream, caramel coulis, chocolate chips and mini cookies...Any advice here? Keep it simple or have a meal as you go. In terms of calories it amounts to the same but if you eat, at least you will be satisfied!

Are you an active enough?

Don't tell me you don't like sports! Walking is sport... Yoga too! Practice them regularly and vary the intensities. It can only help you! How? This is called the calorie deficit(by the way there are several ways to achieve it). Basically, your energy expenditure(calories burned) must be greater than your energy intake(calories consumed).

Are you getting enough sleep?

If you wake up tired, if you have a low libido, if you cannot be productive or attentive, if you are irritable, if you feel sleepy during the day, chances are that you lacked sleep. I suggest you to observe yourself: every day, note how many hours you have slept as well as your bad eating habits. After making the connections, you know what you have to do? Sleep earlier!

Do you have good quality sleep?

If you wake up several times in the night because you are hot/cold, because you have to go to the bathroom, because you have heartburn, because your phone keeps ringing then the answer is NO. So that you have an idea on what you are risking, I highly recommend to read this article from Harvard University regarding the risks of poor sleep on health. Once again, do the the self-observation exercise seen above and consult a health professional to find out the origin of your sleep disorders in order to make any necessary adjustments. If it's just your instagram notifications or text messages that wake you up, become friends with silent mode or airplane mode!

Do you have food intolerances?

If you're not sure if you have any, it's worth taking a test. Why? Food intolerances slow down the metabolism because the body devotes a lot of energy to the digestion of these foods. And we all know that the body must perform several tasks(such as burning fat) so inevitably if there is a lot of energy used only for digestion, there is not enough left to perform the other tasks correctly.

Now that you have some food for thought, it's up to you! Change is for TODAY, not tomorrow! Stop telling yourself you can't do it. To reach your goal, you need motivation and an action plan, that's all! 

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