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Naturopathy represents both a lifestyle(which makes the LINK between each element that constitutes the daily life of a human being : food, physical exercise, habitat, work, management of emotions, thought process, beliefs and spiritual practices...) and a global approach that uses various natural and non-violent means of intervention to stimulate our body's SELF-HEALING process.
At NaturoSendey, we combine traditions from several continents to personalize your experience.

In-person service 

Grocery cart check

This service is available in almost all boroughs of Montreal.

NaturoSendey analyse ton épicerie

  • we analyze everything you put in your cart and we give you better suggestions
  • we give you dietary advice and/or advice for a healthy environment
  • we show you tools to detect misleading advertisements around healthy food and "natural" products 

Remote services


Recommended to learn how to be proactive and listen to your body; to find harmony with yourself and others; to promote prevention and increase the potential for self-healing.

Health education consultation   

  • we look in depth at what is preventing you from achieving the health goals you have set for yourself and we offer you an action plan based on your goals and your lifestyle
  • we teach you the rules of healthy living in naturopathy so that you can improve your general well-being independently using gentle techniques
  • we show you how not to be fooled by misleading marketing about "healthy" or "non-toxic" products on the market so you can make informed choices
  • we detect any functional disorder(signs that show illnesses to come) existing in you. If necessary, we establish a program to restore balance to promote the optimal functioning of the organs concerned


Recommended for those who want to lose weight; for those who want to learn how to eat better; for those who need support for a safe fasting; for those who are prone to dietary deficiencies(sportspeople, pregnant women, the sick).

Nutrition consultation

  • we analyze and modify your eating habits(in terms of nature, quality, quantities and practices) to keep you healthy
  • we adjust your diet according to your needs and the diet you follow

Naturopathic remedies

Recommended to relieve/improve all the disorders that naturopathy supports : stress, chronic fatigue, anemia, iirritable bowel syndrome, candidiasis, cholesterol, conjunctivitis, migraines, acne, absence of menstruation, painful periods, rheumatism, stye, disorders related to menopause, insomnia, high blood pressure, hypoglycemia, flu, cough, bloating, dry skin, eczema, diabetes, diarrhea, constipation, water retention, osteoarthritis, bulimia, anxiety, anorexia etc. The list is not exhaustive so do not hesitate to contact us to find out if we can help you with a problem that is not on this list.

Health problems consultation

  • we analyze your lifestyle from all angles and give you advice on how to change habits that are harmful to your health
  • we recommend one or more natural remedies to take care of your health problem

General process

  • Evaluation of the state of your natural defenses
  • Explanation of the results to allow you to understand the link between your lifestyle and the imbalances in your body
  • Teaching of the basic principles of naturopathy according to the problems observed
  • Personalized recommendations to help and accelerate the restoration of your body's functions(cure)
  • The above does not apply for the grocery cart check
  • To find out how a session works, please consult our help center


  • Preventive hygiene and therapeutic support programs that take into account your needs, your lifestyle, your identity and your limits
  • Insurance receipts available
  • Choice of communication in French, English or Spanish
  • 1st consultation : 1h, $130+ taxes(file opening or travel costs included)
  • Follow-ups: 1 hour, $115+ taxes ; 45 min, $90+ tax ; 30 min, $60+ tax
  • Taxes apply only to Canadian residents

Why choose our naturopath for your holistic treatments?

Sendey is passionate about her profession and is people-oriented : she hates rushing things to get to the next client. For her, "no one should be treated as a number". She specializes in food rebalancing and restoring the intestinal and vaginal flora. 

make an appointment online for a naturopathic consultation in Montreal or remotely