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Fight against stress

Remedies / Published on 06 / 06 / 2022

Let's be clear from the start, stress is inevitable during a lifetime... It's a normal reaction (yes I said normal) of our body in the face of an aggressive situation. There are several types of stress: physical stress(caused by sports, shocks, etc.), mental stress(caused by work overload, new things, etc.), emotional stress(caused by events trauma, relationship difficulties, etc.), environmental stress(caused by electromagnetic waves, noise, etc.), behavioral stress(caused by social pressure, lack of money, etc.).
Being under the effect of stress can be beneficial to us insofar as we use it as a source of motivation to prepare for exams, to finish projects on time or to achieve athletic performance. But that's not the topic of the day! Today we are going to talk about eight actions to take to fight against bad stress(chronic stress, episodic acute stress).

1. Identify the source of your stress

You should know it! If this is not the case, please contact therapists to be elucidated. This is very important because once you know what triggered the stress in you, the problem is half solved. Now take a step back and analyze the situation. Is this the first time this has happened to you? Could you have avoided it? What would you have done differently to control the situation? At this point, if you managed to find a solution, then good job! Put it into practice next time!

2. Help yourself with medicinal plants

Herbal teas, food supplements, essential oils, you are spoiled for choice! The active principles of plants(mucilages, pectins, alkaloids, flavonoids, tannins, etc.) help, among other things, to calm down, to find sleep, to relieve digestive problems, to concentrate, to regain energy. Moreover, when we particularly appreciate the taste of an herbal tea and when the smell captivates us, it also helps... Discover the benefits of our plants with tropical accents, colors and flavors by going to our online store.

3. Learn to be more organized 

Got a million things to do in your day? OK. Analyze your calendar and make a list of priorities. So what's the verdict? Not everything is urgent! That's exactly what I thought too. Now, spread your tasks over several days, keeping the most urgent/important and that's it! Wait... But you're not a superhero... Since you don't those "superpowers" such as the ability to do everything well at the same time or the ability to chain tasks without exhaustion, delegate as much as possible in order to lighten your days.

4. Take time for yourself

Yes, you need a ME time to relax. So please take a moment for yourself. To get started, put your cell phone on do not disturb mode. Wear comfortable clothes, isolate yourself in a quiet room, regulate the room temperature and make yourself comfortable. Close your eyes and listen to a podcast that speaks to you or meditate mindfully. By the way, succeeding to live life to the fullest is not given to everyone because of received ideas coming from education, the dictates of society, the environment, religion, etc. But you know what? Holistic life coaching can help you! So stop complaining and finally take action.

5. Get outside

Go walk your dog in the woods, train in a green space, go play with your little ones in a park. Studies have shown that phytoncides(molecules emitted by trees) reduce cortisol levels(aka the stress hormone); that the sounds of nature stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system; that sunlight promotes the production of serotonin(aka the hormone of well-being). When nature offers us therapies that costs $0, that's a pretty good deal, isn't it?

6. Make time for your favorite hobbies

Don't say you don't have time because at this pace you will never have time! You must take the time even if it means saying no to certain people or certain events. Your personal well-being should not be negotiable. You must manage to find a balance between your personal activities, your responsibilities as a mother, your life as a couple and your work. Remember, It's okay to ask for help when you just can't do it alone.

7. Take a break

Just because you can't travel to warm places(like everyone else) doesn't mean it's your only option. You can relax or have fun everywhere! You need to start thinking "outside the box", accepting to live with what you have and learning to live at your own pace. To give you some ideas, research what is staycation.

8. Change jobs

Work appears to be the primary source of stress in industrialized countries. Overtime, multitasking, excessively demanding hierarchy, insufficient or ambiguous communication, little time for lunch, pressure for results, too many responsibilities, toxic colleagues... These are all elements that lead to burnout... Money vs mental health? Remember it's 2022 and we have choices: flexible hours, working from home, working part-time, working for yourself...

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