Vetiver roots

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Vetiver roots

Sku: 332811
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Vetivers roots are very coveted by African women as it's an all-in-one remedy for all female health issues(bad vaginal odor, infertility, menstrual cramps, etc.). They have a subtle and very appreciable taste in the mouth. The scent they give off is captivating and it is for this reason that their essence is frequently used in men perfurmery.
To reinforce its virtues, they are combined with black tigernuts and/or djeka leaves.  

Scientific name : chrysopogon nigritanus
Common names : gongolili(gongoli), khamaré, sodhoré, cepp
Botanical family : Poaceae 

Composition* : sesquiterpenes, sesquiterpenols, sesquiterpene esters

Properties*: soothing (vaginal burns, irritations, itching), vaginal lubricating, vaginal deodorizing, relaxing (anxiety and depression)

Uses : decoction, herbal bath(vaginal steam)Watch a way to prepare herbal baths..  

Indications*: urinary tract infections, smelly white discharge, sex drive, water retention, stress

*non-exhaustive lists


Quantity: 3,  Length: 16 ", reusable up to 3 times

Origin : Mali

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