Shea butter

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Shea butter

Sku: 162056
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Shea is a tree that grows mainly in West and Central Africa. It takes about 15 years to collect the first fruits. Once ripe, the fruits are shelled to extract the nuts that are used to make shea butter. The artisanal manufacturing process makes it possible to obtain a high quality ivory/beige butter with a characteristic odor. This nourishing and versatile butter is most often used to fight against skin problems(dry skin, eczema, sunburn, cracks, etc.).
In African customs, mothers-to-be use them in abundance to prevent stretch marks.
Practical advice: for easier application and deep hydration, rub shea butter in your hands to soften it and apply it to moistened skin

Scientific name: Butyrospermum parkii
Botanical family: Sapotaceae

Composition* : oleic acid(omega 9), linoleic acid(omega 6), stearic acid, vitamins A, E, D

Properties* : softening, soothing, regenerating, protective

Uses* : moisturizer, lip balm, massage oil(simply heat the butter in a hot-water bath and add a few drops of essential oils)
*non-exhaustive lists 

Indications : body, face, hair, nails, lips

Feature : solid texture when the temperature is below 35°C

Weight : 250g

Origin : Mali

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