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25 gentle therapies available to everyone

Educational capsules / Published on 18 / 07 / 2023

Looking for an alternative therapy or need to refocus? Today we are going to talk about 25 holistic therapies accessible to all with or without support, in person or online, free or reimbursed by your health insurance or have to pay for.

#1- Ecotherapy

Mother Nature has given us a natural environment but some of you have not yet understood that it is a gift to be used... Going for a walk, a picnic, a hike, visiting nature reserves or just breathing fresh and pure air, are some examples that bring physical and mental well-being.

#2- Nutritherapy

Healthy eating is one of the fundamental pillars for staying healthy. And who doesn't know that nowadays? The reality is that people are looking for "miracle solutions" and choose to react(make radical changes when you have no other choice than facing the disease) rather than act(make small daily efforts to avoid reacting). Nutritherapy is not about selling dreams with the latest fad diet or "magic pills" to achieve physical well-being. It's a realistic approach that involves assessing the type, quality and quantity of the nutrients you take each day to make healthy and lasting adjustments. Learn more.

#3- Heliotherapy

There are many studies that have proven the effect of lack of sun on winter depression and you may have already experienced it yourself, so no need to dwell on the subject. Whatever the season, do your sunbathing in the rules of the art to boost your mood!

#4- Sleep therapy

If you can no longer fall asleep without sleeping pills, it means that you've developed a form of addiction and getting out of it on your own could be an impossible task... You must relearn how to manage your sleep without any medication. Depending on the origin of your sleep problems, there are therapists who are more appropriate than others. If you don't know where to go, know that naturopaths hold the keys to exit from many troubles. Learn more.

#5- Hydrotherapy

If you live near the sea, try thalassotherapy to enjoy the benefits of seawater, seaweed and sea mud; if you live in the mountains, try thermal cures; if you are in town, try balneotherapy(spas). You will make your body and mind the happiest!

#6- Phytotherapy

The oldest medicines in the world are plants. All ancient civilizations used it. Even today, the most conservative people in terms of traditions have recourse to it. Discover among our range of African medicinal herbs the one that could help you.
Did you know?
A large part of the pharmaceutical arsenal that we know today(aspirin, morphine, quinine, taxotere, vincristine, digitalis, etc.) comes from or is derived from plants.

#7- Rigology

We all know the anti-stress effect that a good laugh provides. From a physiological point of view, it's just as beneficial because it oxygenates the body and works nearly 130 muscles, including the abs (isn't that great?)!

#8- Aromatherapy

Essential oils can be used internally(orally) or externally(trough the air or trough the skin) for therapeutic purposes. Look into! As far as external use is concerned, it's an experience that combines business with pleasure!

#9- Meditation

There are several types of meditation, it's up to you to choose the one that appeals to you the most or that seems the most accessible to you. The set up you put in place(music, decor, incense, etc.) will have a great influence on the state of well-being you seek. To increase the vibratory rate of the place you choose to meditate, we suggest one of our purifying incenses.

#10- Purr therapy

The principle is simple : be in the presence of a purring cat to relax or be soothed. According to Dr Jean-Yves Gauchet, a French veterinarian, listening to a cat's purr causes the release of serotonin, commonly known as the happiness hormone.
To increase its benefits, it's advisable to interact with your cat, i.e. pet it and/or play with it.
Did you know?
Exposure to frequencies approaching those of a cat's purr(between 25 and 50 Hz) is used in sports medicine to accelerate the healing of fractures and tendon injuries in athletes.

#11- Massage therapy

To release your tensions, to improve your blood and lymphatic circulation, to relieve your muscle or joint pain, this is the ultimate therapy.

#12- Spirituality

This is something that not everyone can grasp right away because spiritual awakening is imperative. Those with a strong spiritual connection know that faith can heal the body, the mind and the soul. The more results we see, the more our faith grows. To discuss a little about spirituality and help you align with yourself, discover our holistic life coaching sessions.

#13- Yoga

To unite your body, mind and soul, yoga is also a good option. Have fun exploring static yoga, gentle yoga and dynamic yoga. Namaste!

#14- Dance

To move your booty, to let off steam, to meet some people(and why not your soulmate!).
So what are into? Afrobeat? Salsa? Hip hop? Bachata? Kompa? Dancehall?

#15- Sports

It's important to cultivate a healthy mind in a healthy body and you know that very well. So what are you waiting for to invest in your OWN wellness?

#16- Painting

It's ideal for increasing self-confidence, for improving attention and concentration, for finding calm. Don't tell yourself “I am not an artist...”. !You might surprise yourself.  Have you ever heard of paint by numbers? I imagine not. So what is the concept? You buy a kit(with paint, brushes, canvas, etc.) and you paint your canvas which is in fact delimited in several zones. As each zone corresponds to a color, it's a bit like coloring for children but for adults.

#17- Journaling

It's time to get out of the stereotypes! There is no age to keep a diary. Writing down one's thoughts, reflections, emotions has a liberating effect and helps personal development. To your pen!

#18- Games

To decompress, you can play alone. To have fun while creating connections with humans, you can play with family, friends or online enthusiasts. Between board games, video games, cards, puzzles, calculation games, thinking games, you are spoiled for choice.

#19- Hypnotherapy

A practice to let go, work on your phobias, reduce pain, rest but to indulge in it, you may need to get rid of your limiting beliefs : those that have been built from what you have been shown on television or in entertainment shows.

#20- Inhalation therapy

It's highly recommended for people who suffer from chronic or acute respiratory problems. Reminder : breathing is a VITAL function so neglecting respiratory disorders is playing a dangerous game whose protagonists are life and death. Unfortunately, pollution is a societal scourge that wreaks havoc... Read more on the subject.

#21- Positive affirmations

Thoughts and internal dialogue can have a huge impact on our happiness and well-being. When you tell yourself sentences like “I'm sure I'm going to screw up”, “I'm not going to make it”, that's usually what happens...You have to think and say the exact opposite with a lot of conviction to become more optimistic.

#22- Reading

When we do something that we are passionate about, we do not see the time passing. If we don't see the time passing, it's because we're really focused on what we're doing. So in other words, reading is a great way to cut yourself off from reality. If you are not used to reading, buy a book on a subject that interests you, on existential questions, on taboo subjects and you will see for yourself. If you want to learn more about health and wellness or even challenge yourself, take a look at our library !

#23- Sex therapy

It's a therapy that needs to be normalized. Just as a person consults a psychologist for personal problems, sex therapists must be consulted for sexual problems. Good professionals are non-judgmental and confidential so there is nothing to worry about.

#24- Music therapy

Through the melody, the rhythm, the tone, the lyrics of a song, we can feel a bunch of emotions whether we are in active mode(composer, singer, etc.) or receptive mode(anyone who listens to it). It's not insignificant that in a nightclub, we don't play classical music and that in a spa, we don't play rock 'n' roll. But, when we leave these two places, we always obtain the desired effect and it is partly thanks to the music.

#25- Therapeutic communication

Speaking is liberating. Talking to a person you trust, talking to your shrink, talking to someone who has been through the same situation as you, joining a cause for which you fight in the bottom of your heart can prevent you from sinking into depression and loneliness. There are plenty of people who can help you, but it's up to you to take the first step.

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