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Naturopathy in brief

Educational capsules / Published on 17 / 01 / 2022

What is naturopathy?

It is a gentle approach that focuses on the human as a whole(not only to your symptoms!) and gives the body the means to self-regenerate. To do this, one or more therapies are combined: nutrition, phytotherapy, oligotherapy, hydrotherapy, aromatherapy, massage therapy, music therapy, heliotherapy, hypnotherapy, spiritual healing, etc.


To be healthy, our body must be in homeostasis(in a state of equilibrium).


It has existed for millennia with disciplines, characteristics and traditions specific to different cultures, but the principle remains the same. In the 5th century BC, it was in ancient Greece that Hippocrates founded traditional Western medicine. Elsewhere in the world, Traditional African Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurvedic Medicine, Medicina Tradicional Indoamericana are practiced.


  • educational: to make known what is harmful to health, to show the healthy lifestyle habits to adopt.
  • preventive: to offer a personalized hygiene program focused on weight control, food rebalancing, correction of nutrient deficiencies, basic physical activity, stress management, etc.
  • curative: to provide a therapeutic solution to a health problem through the use of natural treatments within the limits of application of these methods.

What are the advantages?

Applying naturotherapeutic advice means becoming autonomous and assuming responsibility for your health to ultimately get a better quality of life(vitality, overall well-being, etc.) in a sustainable way. 

Who can consult?


What should be remembered?

  1. Everyone is involved in their daily well-being through their lifestyle choices.
  2. General well-being is achieved by connecting body, mind and soul. For those who think that everything that is not scientifically proven is supposed to not exist, there is no point to debate if we all agree on point 1.

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