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Here are 8 daily habits that are secretly killing you

Educational capsules / Published on 07 / 06 / 2023

Perhaps through negligence or because you prefer shortcuts in protocols or because the cult of beauty is of great importance to you, you adopt habits that are unfortunately not without consequences for your health...
Everyone wants to live a long life but few of you are into prevention, few of you are ready to change your routine, some of you engage in dangerous cosmetic surgery practices to keep up with the times. Isn't all that a bit paradoxical? There is a quote that says “when we are young, we sacrifice our health for wealth. But when we become old and wise, we become willing to sacrifice every bit of our wealth for just a day of good health”. Personally, I think it's a miscalculation to jeopardize your health when you're young and finally try to fix the irreparable when you're old... If you agree with me and you're young, here are few things you should watch out for :

#1 - Bad postures

If you have pain here and there for no specific reason, chances are that the way you sit, how you stand up or even how you walk has something to do with it. If you think that it's not that serious “for now”, you are probably right but one thing is sure : your situation can only get worse if you don't do anything about it.

#2 - Self-medication

It has become commonplace to go to the pharmacy and get over-the-counter medications WITHOUT A PRESCRIPTION. Unless you're a doctor yourself, I don't know how you can be 100% sure to make the right diagnosis; if the medication you're buying is right for you while taking into account your medical history; if it won't react with other medications/foods/drinks you're taking; what dose to take and for how long, etc.
In this area, it's best to be careful and always seek medical advice.

#3 - The abuse of dietary supplements

If there is something I would like you to remember it is that EVERYTHING(and I mean EVERYTHING) can be dangerous to your health. Many companies use the "natural" label because it's a seller but in reality there is very little natural or nothing natural in the composition of their products but you feel reassured by the word natural and you let yourself be blinded either by the popularity of the brand or by what the health consultant at the local “natural” store tells you while she is playing the role of salesperson and not who she pretends to be! Natural health consultants(so not the salespeople you meet) cannot suggest you any product for therapeutic purposes based solely on the symptoms you describe to them. It requires a overall analysis... And that can't be done for free in 5 minutes! Use your wits a bit more!

#4 - Loud music

Just to give you an idea, the intensity of a normal conversation is around 50 dB. When you find yourself in a crowded and lively restaurant, the noise intensity is 70 dB and in a concert 120 dB. What should be remembered here is that hearing loss occurs when you are exposed frequently or for a long time to sounds over 90 dB.

#5 - Snacking

Candies, packs of chips, cookies, pizzas, French fries are not your slimming allies and you've probably already realized that! At this point, you are well aware that consuming them excessively can cause you a bunch of diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, hypercholesterolemia, etc. You may not realize it but snacking is an addictive reflex in reaction to a situation of discomfort that you are going through since you ingest food not because you are hungry but because you are bored, sad, tired, stressed...In short there are a lot of reasons and 2 ways to solve this problem: either you fix it at the source(and being supported by professionals may be necessary), or you find an alternative(healthy of course! ).

#6 - Tight hairstyles

You have to suffer in order to be beautiful”, “You have to be presentable”... Hum, at what price? Headaches? Hair fall? Scalp discomfort OR pain? Ladies, you don't need to do all this to yourself. You can combine aesthetics and comfort. YEEEES! Loosen your heads a bit!

#7 - Stopping yourself from going to the bathroom

When the urge strikes, it's actually the body's signal to expel waste(bacteria, chemicals, food residues, etc.). So stopping yourself from going to the bathroom for hours is not without health risks. Holding your pee promotes bladder dilation, urinary tract infections, urinary retention, and kidney stones. Holding your poop promotes swelling of the abdomen, chronic constipation, inflammation of the colon, hemorrhoids. You have been warned now!

#8 - Not protecting your eyes

The eyes are fragile organs and luckily we have eyebrows and eyelashes that act as a barrier against dust, dirt blown up by the wind, drops of sweat and light. However, we need to take additional protective measures against natural and artificial light sources, irritating and corrosive agents(in household products for example), ocular health risks associated with working in an industrial environment, and poor eye hygiene (like using outdated makeup, overusing eye drops, etc.).

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