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6 gluten-free African foods

Educational capsules / Published on 14 / 04 / 2023

You have to say goodbye to pasta and bread because you are intolerant, sensitive to gluten or have celiac disease. No problem! If you have come across this article, it's because you are curious or open-minded and this is all to your advantage because today we are going to present 6 gluten-free African starch foods so that you can vary your diet more. By the way, even if gluten is not your sworn enemy, eating a variety of foods is still a healthy eating habit. Now, on to the presentations:

#1 - Plantains

Other name : plátanos
Flavor : floury/slightly sweet(green plantains) or sweet(yellow plantains)
Characteristic : the riper the plantains, the softer and sweeter they are
Forms : plant, flour
Recipe ideas : braised banana, alloco, banan peze, mofongo, mangú

#2 - Sweet potatoes

Other names : camote, batata, boniato
Taste : from sweet to very sweet
Characteristic : there are about 7000 varieties!
Forms : plant, flour
Recipe ideas : purée, atole de camote, jamaican sweet potato pudding

#3 - Cassava

Other names : yuca, mandioca
Taste : neutral
Characteristic : satiating food
Forms : tuber, semolina, flour, starch
Recipe ideas :  gari foto, yuca con mojo, cassava cake

#4 - Yams

Other name : ñame
Flavor : floury or chestnut or sweet or bitter(yellow-fleshed yams)
Characteristic : satiating food
Forms : tuber, flour
Recipe ideas : yam stew, yam fufu, arepas de ñame 

#5- Taro

Other names : eddo, dasheen
Taste : sweet
Characteristic : easily digested
Forms : tuber, flour
Recipe ideas : chips, bubble tea, eddo soup

#6- Macabo

Other names : cocoyam, malanga, yautía
Taste : rather neutral/earthy
Characteristic : natural thickener(when added to preparations)
Forms : tuber, flour
Recipe ideas : achu soup, kouakoukou, malanga fritters

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