Djeka leaves

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Djeka leaves

Sku: 332807
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In West Africa, djeka leaves have been used for decades in feminine and intimate routines. They have a fruity and delicate taste. They are consumed as an infusion alone or in combination along with a decoction of vetiver roots and gueni seeds for more effectiveness(combination of the active ingredients) and to prolong sexual pleasure in men and women. We also use the infusion to make herbal baths Watch a way to prepare herbal baths..

Scientific name : alchornea cordifolia
Common names : ogymama, bambami, christmas bush
Botanical family: Euphorbiaceae

Composition* : iron, flavonoids, tannins, amino acids

Properties* : anti-bacterial, vaginal astringent, cleansing, soothing

Indications* : anemia, gastrointestinal problems, vaginal infections, vaginal tightening, postpartum injuries

*non-exhaustive lists 


Origin : Ivory Coast

Weight: 50g