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The power of gratitude

Personal growth / Published on 20 / 06 / 2023

You try to be more positive in life but there is always a situation or a person that brings you back into negativity. Let's just admit it : there are plenty of reasons to be discouraged and give up this quest that seems more and more impossible every day BUT don't throw in the towel just yet! There's a simple exercise you can do every morning to start your day off on the right foot. That's gratitude! Yes! If every day, you list ALL the material and intangible assets you own, you will quickly realize how lucky you are to be who you are, to (already )have everything you have and to have people by your side.
I recommend that you write down what you're thankful for in life in a journal and read them mindfully right after waking up. 

14 things you can be thankful for today

  1. I am thankful to be alive
  2. I I am grateful to be healthy
  3. I am grateful to have a place that I can call home
  4. I am grateful to have X meals a day
  5. I am grateful to drink clean water
  6. I am thankful for the unconditional love I get from X 
  7. I am thankful for the good time spent with my family
  8. I am thankful for the beautiful sunny day it was today
  9. I am grateful to have good neighbours
  10. I am grateful to have the choice of...
  11. I am grateful that I have what I need to support myself 
  12. I am grateful to have hot water to take a shower 
  13. I am grateful to be surrounded by caring people 
  14. I am grateful to have customers who are satisfied with my services/my products 

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Giving thanks can make you happier
, Harvard Health Publishing

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