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How to cheer up quickly

Remedies / Published on 06 / 11 / 2022

Professional difficulties, disappointments in love, failures, loneliness, overwork, pessimism, a move, bad news, hormonal imbalance, and even bad weather can be the causes the blues. It's completely normal to feel down for all these reasons, but when you think about it, you are missing out on a lot of things when you're in bed 24/7 doing nothing... But, if you are currently reading this article, it's because you want things to change and that is already a good start! Now, what to do? 

#1. Release your emotions

To begin, don't hold back your tears anymore. No, it's not a weakness to cry, it's just a reaction of the body triggered by an emotion.
If you are the type of person who internalizes your emotions, that has to change! How? You can externalize them through writing, drawing, painting, otherwise speak to a loved one or a professional.

#2. Watch a good movie

Normally, you don't have time(or at least, you don't take the time) so enjoy! Relax in front of your TV with some good herbal tea (by the way, take a look at our collection of tropical therapeutic herbal teas, you will love it: color, aroma, flavor, and especially benefits).

#3. Take a walk

Go out, clear your mind and enjoy nature! I know you don't want to but make a little bit of effort. Come on! Get your relaxing playlist ready, put on your shoes, and take your dog out for a while(I bet he's already thrilled! ). 

#4. Take care of yourself

Treat yourself like the queen/king that you are! It's time for a nice hot bath, a manicure, a pedicure, a facial, a massage, a spa, a body treatment, a hair treatment, to cook your favorite dish or dessert and/or to give yourself a small gift. Oh, I forgot... It's also time to take a digital break. 

#5. Socialize

Yes because isolation must be avoided at all costs. By socializing, you will have a good time that may even be memorable! Remember all the times when you had great conversations, when you shared laughs, when you met great people, where you learned super interesting things, etc.

#6. Make love

In full connection with your partner, you receive kisses, cuddles, warmth... Pretty comforting isn't it? 

#7. Do a fun activity

Let loose! Find your inner child: go for a merry-go-round, bring out your good old board games, play with your cat, have a duffle fight with your children, etc.

#8. Helping someone in need

When we realize that there are MILLIONS of people in the world who are unable to meet their basic needs(such as breathing, drinking, eating, protecting themselves from cold or heat, sleeping, etc.), it make us more empathetic and pushes us to put our own suffering into perspective. Finally, contributing in any way to improve their living conditions is an act of generosity that not only touches them but also makes us happy and proud of ourselves.

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