Uda seeds

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Uda seeds

Sku: 147561
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Uda seeds are actually 1 fibrous pod and 5 to 8 seeds. They are used in the preparation of a popular coffee named Touba(a Senegalese spicy coffee) because of its original flavor(a mixture of coconut, nutmeg, eucalyptus, turmeric and ginger). Its aroma is reminiscent of wood resin.
In Traditional African Medicine, it is used for everything related to respiratory problems

Scientific name: Xylopia aethiopica
Other names: Selim pepper, long black pepper, Guinea pepper, Negro pepper, Ethiopian pepper, kani pepper, Hwentia
Botanical Family: Annonaceae

Composition*: iron, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, beta-carotene, flavonoids, tannins

Properties*: expectorant, antitussive, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory 

Uses: wet inhalation, decoction, incense(to purify your home), cooking

Indications*: cough, cold, bronchitis, flu, asthma


Weight: 50g

Origin: Ivory Coast