Black tigernuts

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Black tigernuts

Sku: 332809
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Black tigernuts are found in the composition of the traditional West African "woussoulan" incense that is burned, among other things, to neutralize negative energy.
These small seeds give off a pleasant fragrance and help improve oral hygiene. They are consumed in the form of a decoction to boost fertility. The taste is rather neutral but some people perceive a note of bitterness.
Intimate secret : it is a natural remedy to have more sexual pleasure. Unanimously, men say that they make “the interior very welcoming”.

Scientific name : cyperus rotondus
Common names : gueni, gowe, thiouraye, nagarmotha, purple nutsedge, nutgrass, chufa negra, nagarmotha
Botanical family : Cyperaceae

Composition* : limonene, pinene, terpenes

Properties* : calming, relaxing, purifying, antiseptic, aphrodisiac 

Uses : decoction, incense, herbal bath(yoni steam)Watch a way to prepare herbal baths., mouth rinse

Indications* : nausea, menstrual cramps, vaginal dryness, desire to get pregnant

*non-exhaustive lists


Weight : 350 g ,  reusable up to 3 times

Origin : Mali

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