Mineral deficiency and heavy metals

Sku: 161432

Mineral deficiency and heavy metals

Sku: 161432
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Today, with industrialization, the way we eat has changed(this is the main cause of deficiencies) and we are more exposed to the risk of heavy metal poisoning. These metals are mainly found in the air, in food(especially in fish), in tap water and in dental amalgams. The most toxic ones are lead, mercury, and cadmium.
If the amount of a trace element is not sufficient or too high in the body, this promotes diseases.

This test is for you if you are looking to check if you have mineral deficiencies and if you want to check your degree of heavy metal intoxication.

Test details

  • analysis of 15 minerals
  • analysis of 24 toxic metals
  • analysis using a sample of saliva or a strand of hair
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