Thanks to coaching, I managed to free myself from my limiting beliefs. Thank you Sendey for making me realize that thoughts can be both destructive and saving.

Despite the fact that I had everything in my life, I was not fulfilled... Coaching allowed me to take a look at my life with a third eye and find the solution. I am grateful to have known Sendey! You opened my eyes and that's what I was missing.
(Marine S.)

I've always had trouble looking at myself in the mirror and I've tried so many diets along the way. Thank you Sendey for making me experience this transformation in a positive, progressive way and with lots of options. With you I realized that it's not only the result that counts: I understood the why, I adhered well to the process and I forged my mind.

I loved my lifestyle consultation because I learned a lot of new things and especially because I had a very personalized care according to my problems.

I made an appointment with Sendey to understand why I was bloated all the time. She explained to me what I needed to change in a program that I was able to follow at my own pace. I really appreciated her patience, her professionalism and her energy.

I contacted NaturoSendey to do a health check and improve my diet. First of all, I must say that I was impressed by the quality of the preliminary analyzes and that convinced me of the therapist's ability to give me a better orientation in terms of nutrition. After a few weeks, I started having full nights of sleep again!!! I strongly recommend that you get a checkup from time to time.

I had my first naturopathic consultation a few weeks ago and I was pleasantly surprised by the expertise and precision of the naturopath's solutions to my health problem. I consulted for an irritable bowel syndrome problem and now I see the impact of the change on my life which is much better. I am very happy with the solutions that Sendey prescribed me and I want to point out that she takes the time to adapt the solutions according to what we are able to do or not. I felt comfortable talking to her(very friendly, soothing atmosphere) and I highly recommend her.