0 tolerance

  • lack of courtesy
  • to racist comments
  • to harassment
  • to intimidation
  • to insults
  • to threats
  • to defamation

I. Consultation and Coaching

  • I. Consultations are given remotely(by videoconference) or in person.
  • I.II Payments must be made by Interac e-transfer for residents of Canada and by Moneygram for others.
  • I.III All fees are payable in Canadian dollars ($CAD).
  • I.IV A(non-refundable) deposit corresponding to 50% of the consultation fees is required to complete reservations. It will be deducted from the final invoice.
  • I.V The deposit is payable when the appointment is fixed.
  • I.VI If the deposit is not received on the day the appointment is scheduled(or the next day for those outside Canada), no later than 8 p.m. (Eastern Time), the reservation will not be considered.
  • I.VII Full payment must be received prior to an appointment.
  • I.VIII Your appointment could be postponed in the event of a major delay.
  • I.IX Appointment postponements are free of charge no later than 48 hours before the appointment time.
  • I.X Appointment cancellations are not free of charge. No-shows are also considered cancellations
  • I.XI Penalty fees for late modification are equivalent to 20% of the consultation price. Payment is required the same day.
  • I.XII Penalty fees for late cancellation are equivalent to 50% of the consultation fee.
  • I.XIII In case of cancellation, the deposit paid will be used to pay the penalty fees. If you've made a full payment when booking, the balance will be refunded the same day.
  • I.XIV In the event of a refund abroad, the costs of transferring funds by Moneygram are your responsibility.
  • I.XV By booking an appointment, you accept our terms and conditions as well as our prices.
  • I.XVI In the event of non-compliance with the 0 tolerance policy, NaturoSendey reserves the right to put an end to consultations and follow-ups as soon as possible. No refunds will be issued. Legal proceedings may be initiated.
  • I.XVII Consultations and coaching are not offered to people who have not reached the age of majority in their province of residence.

II. Products

  • II.I All prices are in Canadian dollars ($CAD). 
  • II.II No minimum purchase is required. 
  • II.III Payments are made by credit card(Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover) and Interac e-transfers.
  • II.IV NaturoSendey is not responsible for any inconvenience or loss attributable to the non-availability of any product.
  • II.V By placing an order, you agree to pay the total price shown which includes your purchases and the home delivery charges(if applicable).
  • II.VI It is your responsibility to consult your doctor's advice before consuming any herbal medicine you purchase.
  • II.VII The indications posted online regarding the use and dosage of our medicinal plants are general, that is to say not specific to each need.
  • II.VIII We are not responsible for the improper use of our products.
  • II.IX NaturoSendey reserves the right to change the prices of the products presented on her website at any time, without notice.
  • II.X On request, naturopathic advice can be given for optimal use of our products following purchase. Before the purchase or if there is no purchase, a $70 fee is charged. This amount is payable by interac transfer.

III. Taxes
III.I Provincial and federal sales taxes are charged on products and services rendered in Canada. 

IV. Modifications
IV.I It's not possible to make changes to orders already placed. 

V. Cancellations
V.I You have 30 minutes following your purchase to do so.

VI. Pickup 

  • VI.I Pick-up is free of charge and takes place in Montreal : at the Crémazie, Sauvé and Henri-Bourassa metro station during our service hours. 
  • VI.II A photo ID and the email confirmation are required. 
  • VI.III Another person other than the person who placed the order is authorized to pick it up on condition that she provides us the documents mentioned above. In addition, the person who placed the order must tell us her full name.
  • VI.IV We tolerate delays of up to 10 min. After this time, you will have to reschedule your pickup
  • VI.V A $30 fee is charged for cancellations, changes within 24 hours of pick-up and no-shows.

VII. Shipping

  • VII.I Shipping is done only in Canada.
  • VII.II Delivery is free in Quebec and Ontario for orders over $99 before taxes.
  • VII.III Next day delivery is guaranteed if orders are placed during the week before 8:00am.
  • VII.IV Deliveries take place according to the business hours of our transport partners.
  • VII.V If the delivery address provided is incorrect, additional charges may be applied to re-deliver to the correct address.
  • VII.VI If you are absent for the delivery, your package will be left in a safe place if it is possible to do so, otherwise it will be your responsibility to track and pick it up.
  • VII.VII If for some reason you do not collect your package by the deadline set by our transport partners, it will be returned to us. The delivery costs for a new shipment will be at your expense; no refund will be made.
  • VII.VIII Once the package has been handed over to the carrier, NaturoSendey waives all property rights in favor of the buyer.

VIII. Exchanges/Returns
VIII.I No exchange or return of products is possible.

IX. Refunds
IX.I For cancellations, a promotional code for the use of a gift card corresponding to the value of your purchase will be sent to you by email. You will be able to use it at the appropriate time because it does not have an expiration date. If your initial payment was made by credit card, it will take 1 business day to receive your code; if it was made by Interac transfer, there is no delay.